Deanshanger Parish Council

Serving the people of Deanshanger


Clerk: Mrs Teresa Floyd
3 Hayes Road, Deanshanger
Northamptonshire MK19 6HP

Tel: 01908 566373

What does a Deanshanger Parish Councillor do?

Our local councillors represent the electors of Deanshanger Parish. They give their time freely and unpaid and have three main areas of work:

  • Decision-making:

Councillors set an annual budget and then by attending meetings and committees decide which activities to support, where money should be spent and what policies should be implemented.

  • Monitoring:

Councillors make sure that their decisions lead to efficient and effective services by keeping an eye on how things are working.

  • Getting involved locally:

Councillors have responsibilities towards their constituents and local organisations. Each councillor's contribution depends on their area of interest, their experience, expertise, what they want to achieve and how much time they can realistically offer.

As well as meeting together every month, our Parish councillors also serve on committees and working groups and they can also represent the council on various local organisations. Some councillors are able to fit in more of this work than others.

Foe most meetings, there will be papers to read beforehand but otherwise much of the council work is done by phone or email.