Deanshanger Parish Council

Serving the people of Deanshanger


Clerk: Mrs Teresa Floyd
3 Hayes Road, Deanshanger
Northamptonshire MK19 6HP

Tel: 01908 566373


Local policing teams are groups of officers dedicated to serving the community. Teams are made up of officers based in the area, supported by additional officers from the wider area.

Teams work closely with local authorities, organisations, partners and residents to decide policing priorities. This helps teams find long-term solutions to local problems.

Key to our ability to work with and assist communities is the timely reporting of incidents. You will not always get an immediate response, however every report helps build an accurate picture of what is happening, where it is happening and when it is happening, it can also indicate who is involved. This in turn ensures the appropriate response not only by police, but often with partner agencies including housing, South Northants Council, Planning, Highways England, Environmental Health, local Schools, Youth Clubs and many more.

If a crime is in progress, people are at risk, or property is seriously endangered we advise to call on 999, if the incident does not meet this criteria we ask for you to call on 101. If the incident has ended and of low risk reporting online is easily done via .

To help with locations, people may wish to use the what3words app

Deanshanger is a significant residential area in South Northants hosting one of our largest schools, it does have a police presence on a near daily basis at all hours of the day, however we appreciate we are not always seen. Our visibility has further been challenged during Covid restrictions as less people are out and about to be able to see us. In addition to being on the ground we also work closely with Thames Valley Police in Milton Keynes and Buckingham to ensure our boarders are policed, this often leads to cross border operations. Just last week it saw us recovering a caravan together within a few hours of it being stolen in Warwickshire. We have the ability to communicate immediately with each other via our radio systems, not just in person or via email.

Deanshanger is a great and safe community to live in, in November 2020 16 incidents were reported in the Parish, for comparison 30 were reported in Old Stratford. By working together, and with the community being the eyes and ears reporting incidents and concerns, we can ensure Deanshanger remains the great place that it is.

Kind Regards


PC 860 Chris Bird

South Northants Neighbourhood Team


Police Liaison Representative

Your local Police Liason Representative is Rod Rodrigo.

The role of Police Liaison Representative is non-statutory and has no authority to make decisions that bind the council to taking, or not taking, any particular course of action.

The role of the Police Liaison Representative shall be to:

 Establish contact with the relevant members of the Neighbourhood Policing Team.

 Attend an annual meeting of Police Liaison Representatives.

 Promote awareness of 101 and Crime Stoppers.

 Understand the role and impact on councils of the Crime and Disorder Act.  Monitor crime statistics for the area and report to the council on any significant trends.

 Where there is a council-sponsored PCSO, communicate as appropriate with the council's Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for the PCSO.

 Act as the point of contact between the Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator and the council and help promote the Neighbourhood Watch.

 Receive news and information from the Neighbourhood Policing Team (general and related to specific local incidents) and disseminate it in the council's area as appropriate.

 Liaise with other groups/persons in the council's area on the broader community safety agenda, including fire prevention and emergency planning and bring items of interest to the attention of the council.

 Liaise and engage with the Northamptonshire Independent Advisory Group (IAG).

You can contact him at or through the Deanshanger neighbourhood page at