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Pocket Park

Gate at the entrance to the park.

Deanshanger Pocket Park was designated in 1996 after the bypass cut through two of the ancient South Fields of Deanshanger. Part of the hedge line separating the two fields still bisects the Park and when the grass is cut short, the ancient ridge and furrow system is clearly visible.

The Pocket Park is intended as both a haven for wildlife and a natural oasis for the people of Deanshanger to enjoy.

The trees and hedges are predominantly native. The community Orchard consists of mainly old local varieties of fruit trees.

The Pocket Park is owned by Deanshanger Parish Council and managed by a voluntary group called Deanshanger Environmental Management Committee (DEMC)


The Park has the following:

  • Woodland area Est. 2010
  • Community Orchard Est. 2012
  • Ponds
  • Stone circle Est.2013
  • Seats & picnic tables
  • Dipping platform.


The wide gates at the entrance and the network of stone based paths make much of the park accessible for pushchair and wheelchair users to explore


DEMC are a voluntary group who manage the Pocket Park.

They hold regular working groups to maintain the area and they also hold special events such as Picnic in the Park which is a fun day for the family.

If you would like to volunteer for any of the working parties, please contact the clerk on

Details of the working party are attached