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Hayes Road

We are sure you have seen that Gigaclear is doing work around the village to install fibre connectivity. Whilst this could be an inconvenience, the company should have informed all affected residents ahead of any work done and taken into account any issues/objections. Please contact either Gigaclear or Highways on the details below as they are the responsible authority.

We have also had a number of reports of the state of Hayes Road. We know that a number of you have reported this to Highways already as have the Parish Council on several occasions. Highways have informed us that they will not resurface the road until development behind where the kebab van used to be is complete. This is not acceptable in our opinion as we do not know when this will be complete. Our new country/unitary authority councillor, Ken Pritchard has taken this under his wing and has promised to put as much pressure to get this addressed sooner rather than later.

We have also had reports on the state of the main roundabout coming into the village. Several parishioners reported this to Highways. We contacted the sponsors of the roundabout and asked if they could contact Highways about the state of what they were sponsoring and it appears that some work has been done but not enough. Highways said that they do not have the funds to allocate and, in any case, they did not have reports of accidents on the roundabout!

We live in a new era.

Please note that all roads (except private roads) are under the remit of Highways and any issues should be reported via Fix my street, The times when the Parish Council could leverage any action on behalf of parishioners has long gone. Any pressure to be put on the responsible authorities can only be done by individuals reporting the issues. This actually applies to a great many public services these days, including crime, flooding, etc.

The greater the number of reports, the more likely work is prioritised. So please could we ask for your help? Report, report, report!

Whilst we appreciate your feedback on issues around the village, please ensure that you are #Kind #Considerate

Posted: Thu, 16 Sep 2021 12:49 by Teresa Floyd

Tags: Roads