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Dear Residents

As you know, as of Saturday 4th July, it is expected that outdoor play areas will be once again accessible for you under government guidance. The Parish Council have carried out risk assessments are intending to open the areas.

However, we must sound a significant note of caution because there will be restrictions on the number of people and time limits per person allowed at any one time on any of the equipment and/or areas around the village. Please carefully read the details below and those posted at your local areas.

There are play areas which are under the control of developers and third parties and they may have varying restrictions. Please read instructions carefully.

Please make the right decision and keep both yourselves and others safe:

- 2m apart, wash your hands,

- wear gloves and face coverings if possible

- If in any doubt, please stay away from open spaces.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you keep yourself and your family safe so make sure that you have plenty of hand-gel and wipes at the ready!

If you see anyone breaching the current advice, please report them by clicking

Our facilities are for the majority of the law abiding, reasonable and conscientious residents, and those few, wishing to spoil it for the rest, should be held to account.

If any area and/or advice is abused, we will have no option but to close them again – something that we desperately do not want to do.

The Parish Council will be cleaning equipment and areas multiple times a week, but we will keep this under review and increase and decrease as advised as time goes one. It is not possible to clean these areas after every use so you must adhere to the restrictions and advice to keep safest. If you have any cause for concern, please contact the

Thank you for your co-operation, #StaySafe #BeKind #SpreadTheWord

Warmest regards

Rod Rodrigo

Posted: Fri, 03 Jul 2020 12:41 by Teresa Floyd

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