Deanshanger Parish Council

Serving the people of Deanshanger


Clerk: Mrs Teresa Floyd
3 Hayes Road, Deanshanger
Northamptonshire MK19 6HP

Tel: 01908 566373

Dog Poo & Rubbish Bins

The Parish Council are responsible for most of the Dog Poo and rubbish bins in the village. Most of the bins will be emptied every week.

If you see any dog poo bin that is overflowing, please contact the clerk and while DPC arranges for them to be emptied, please use another bin or take it home.

DO NOT leave it lying around the bin.

South Northants Council are responsibly for the rubbish bins as follows:

  • 2 on The Green
  • 2 outside the Little London Shops
  • Boswell Lane,
  • Glebe Road.
  • Puxley Road
  • Folly Road outside the corner shop
  • Ridgmont by the post box
  • Hayes Road

South Northants Council should also litter pick in front of the shops once a week. They will also come periodically and litter pick around the streets.

If these bins are not emptied you should contact South Northants Council.

The bins in the open spaces owned by Persimmon are their responsibility; these bins are as follows:

  • Springfield Park- Canal Walk side of Wooden Bridge
  • Foxholes Close Open Space
  • On pathway between Canal Lane and the High Street
  • On Pathway and Public Open Space between The High Street and Church Lane
  • On Pathway from Canal Lane behind Maltings Row beside the Co-op

You should contact Brian Penn at if these are overflowing.