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Bus Survey

Britannia Bus Company has written to the Parish Council asking for feedback on what improvements residents would like to their bus service. Britannia say they are not planning cuts and want to improve the bus services as we come out of Covid-19. Although they cannot guarantee they will be able to make all the changes called for, they will take them into account as they plan for improved services. Britannia have said they will put timetables at the bus stops and repair any broken display cases.

Response from Britannia Bus

Many thanks for your email.

The information contained within was very interesting. It was particularly useful to note how many of the suggestions were duplicated, which is always a good sign when trying to plan things. We have a contactless card system on order, which should have been delivered last year, so we have now gone with a different supplier. Saturdays will be making a come back, although this will be largely guided by the Dept. for Transport. Once Corona is fully over, we will be looking at greater frequency, Sunday and evenings, although as I'm sure you will understand this takes time.

A final point in the suggestions is our website. This is currently under a complete re-write to make it clearer, with more automation in order to provide accurate information; this will include far greater detail on stops around the village.

Again my thanks for this very useful set of information.

Please watch this space.


Britannia Bus