Deanshanger Parish Council

Serving the people of Deanshanger


Clerk: Mrs Teresa Floyd
3 Hayes Road, Deanshanger
Northamptonshire MK19 6HP

Tel: 01908 566373

About Deanshanger Parish Council

Deanshanger Parish Council is one of 9000 local councils across England that forms the lowest tier of government. The council's chief aim is to make the lives of the people in our village better, and our councillor's task is to give the local community a voice and the means to achieve this.

The 13 councillors on the Parish Council share an overall responsibility for the wellbeing of our local neighbourhood. Their work falls into two main categories:

  • Representing the local community
  • Striving to improve the quality of life in the local area

The full council holds evening meetings in public once a month as well as 2 committee meetings, Finance & General purposes and Highways and Planning each held in public once a month.

At other times residents can make contact with councillors over any issues by phone, email or face to face (Covid restrictions permitted)