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Deanshanger Parish Council provides your local services (see attached document).

We strive to make Deanshanger a better place to live, work and play.

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Latest News

NHS Survey

Posted: Tue, 19 Feb 2019 14:21 by Teresa Floyd

Patient and public participation is at the very heart of the way Nene CCG operates and we're now developing a new joint communications and engagement strategy with Corby CCG to cover all of Northamptonshire. Our aim is to give you clear opportunities to get involved with your local NHS in a way which allows you to see how your views have shaped things – and we want your input into how we do that. More »

The new strategy will outline the Northamptonshire CCGs' aspirations, principles and approach to ensuring good communications and engagement with everyone who has a stake in our NHS. It will be supported by a detailed plan on what we will actually do to make this happen.

As we start work on this strategy, we want to talk to partners, stakeholders and people across Northamptonshire about what we are doing now – what works, and where we could improve our conversations with you.

What you tell us will help us create a first draft of the strategy. Once this draft is produced, there'll be further chance to comment before the final version is taken through a formal approval process and adopted by both CCGs later this year.

Help us to get this right by completing this short survey. You can read our current Communications and Engagement Strategy here.

Please feel free to share with your networks, family and friends.

@NHS Corby Clinical Commissioning Group and @NHS Nene Clinical Commissioning Group are developing a new joint Communications & Engagement strategy to cover all of #Northamptonshire with the aim to give you clear opportunities to get involved with your local NHS. Find the patient survey that's open until 3.03.19 here » Less

Road Gritting

Posted: Tue, 29 Jan 2019 09:05 by Teresa Floyd

Subject: Northamptonshire Highways winter service

We did have exceptional weather conditions last week and believe that most of the issues on Thursday were caused by freezing rain from 02.00hrs on Thursday morning. More »

Freezing rain rarely occurs and is often associated with the approach of warm air after a prolonged cold spell. Here the precipitation once again starts off as snow in the upper atmosphere, then it passes through a region of warm air which turns it to rain before finally passing through a thin layer of cold air just above the surface. The moisture cools to a temperature below freezing point, but the water droplets do not freeze themselves, and become super cooled.

When the droplets strike the ground or any surface, they instantly freeze and coat everything in a film of ice. This coating will cover the grains of salt rendering them almost ineffective until the air temperature rises and the ice begins to melt. Road travel during a period of freezing rain will be severely disrupted and it is unsafe to send heavy gritting vehicles on to the network as they too will have little, if any, traction.

During adverse weather we get a significant increase in request for gritting. The Police/ Emergency services are always given priority.

If a road traffic collision (due to ice) or icy road is reported and the road is on a gritted route we get the warden out to go and check the road and they will then decide if it needs to be gritted. If the police report it and have closed the road for safety reasons then we ask the area team to send a gritter without sending a warden (provided gritters are not already out on a planned gritting action), and they can use any gritter as its for salting.

If there is a road traffic collision and it isn't on a gritting route, we would get the warden to attend first and if required they would only grit the scene of the road traffic collision. We should not be gritting just because it is requested, there needs to be a reason for it i.e. road traffic collision, Major water Leak, Fire Service putting down lots of water etc.

If there is an icy road reported and no road traffic collision and it's not on a gritting route we do state the facts according to our policy. If this is not a precautionary gritted road and we are unable to grit the road and take no further action.

The 'Precautionary' gritting network was assessed in 2018 and the total length of roads gritted for this forthcoming season reduced from 1954km to 1543km (a reduction of 21%) and the gritting fleet reduced from 26 to 19 vehicles, with time taken to undertake gritting actions will be changed from 3 hours to 3.5 hours.

All roads removed from the 'Precautionary' priority network for Winter 2018/19 have been added to the 'Adverse' gritting network, which is treated in extreme weather conditions.

To explain this reasoning further, our winter service season runs from mid-October through to mid-April and is a cyclic operation, which involves careful planning prior to the start of each year. During severe weather we have dedicated staff that receives weather forecast updates and we operate on a 24 hours basis. Gritting is undertaken on the 'Precautionary' gritting routes whenever there is a forecast temperature of plus 0.5° in the 24 hour forecast period (midday to midday) and will take priority under snow conditions. The 'Adverse' network is pre-treated during daytime hours in advance of a high confidence forecast for snow or when the forecast temperatures are not forecast to rise above zero for 48 hours.

We recognise there will always be a safety element when driving in winter conditions, regardless of whether a road has been gritted or not, and so we do advise drivers to never assume a road has been gritted and to drive accordingly. As with any change in policy we are monitoring the impact.

Both the routes and driving advice have been widely publicised since last year and we continue to remind customers via websites, press and social media.

We have also received a weather warning and are preparing for adverse weather this week.

To check routes and information about gritting in Northamptonshire go to

Rebecca Miller

Communications manager
Northamptonshire Highways » Less

Bus Service

Posted: Wed, 28 Nov 2018 19:00 by Teresa Floyd


As previously advised, Stagecoach are withdrawing bus service 89 / X89 Milton Keynes – Towcester – Northampton on Saturday 5th January. As required by the Bus Services Act 2017, Stagecoach supplied usage information for the section between Milton Keynes and Towcester to Northamptonshire Highways, as this section will have no replacement service through the villages. In turn NCC advised local bus operators of the potential for a commercial replacement. More »

Following detailed discussions with Northamptonshire Highways and Milton Keynes Council, Britannia Bus have registered a commercial bus service with the Traffic Commissioner. This service will begin on Monday 7th January, and will operate every 90 minutes between Milton Keynes and Towcester as service 89. A limited number of journeys will continue through to Northampton as service X89, and passengers will be able to stay on the bus when it arrives in Towcester. In addition, service 89 will provide a reinstated bus service for Cosgrove and Yardley Gobion, plus a new link to Wolverton.

The council's website has a link to Britannia Bus's website at, where the new timetable and further information about the service will be uploaded by the bus company in due course. » Less